Around the hotel

Hotel Le Chantilly-Deauville is located in the heart of the city, you will enjoy the immediate progress of Place Morny and its Market, Deauville la Touques racecourse, the famous Planches, the Casino, the beaches and the Thalasso Deauville.

The Thalasso Deauville By Algotherm 0.5 km: The Thalasso Deauville is the place dedicated to your well-being. A must-see for a successful stay in Deauville. Recently renovated is dedicated to your well-being, the relaxation of body and mind and the multiple benefits of marine assets. Several formulas proposed to meet the needs of each: programs concentrated in one or two 1/2 days( s), 5-day cures or a la carte care with hydrotherapy care and specific care. Thalasso Deauville, 3 Sem Street, 14800 Deauville. (0)2 31 87 72 00.


Deauville Market 0.1 km: The Deauville market wakes up under its beautiful half-timbered and open-air halls of Market Square (near Morny Square). It is a true market of tradition, full of colors and smells. The basket is walked by hand, according to its whimsy, the look attracted by the services loaded with beautiful multicolored goods.

Port of Deauville 0.5 km: The port of Deauville is a marina marina of the English Channel, from 1975, in Deauville in the Calvados in Normandy.

Deauville Pony Club 0.5 km: The deauville Horse Club, warm and friendly in the centre of Deauville

Deauville Casino 0.5 km: The Casino de Deauville is a classic-style casino in Deauville, Normandy. Founded in 1912, it belongs to the Lucien Barrière Group.

St. Augustine’s Church 0.6 km: On August 30, 1864, the Duke of Morny solemnly laid the foundation stone of St. Augustine’s Church

Deauville-Trouville SNCF Station 0.6 km: Trouville – Deauville Station is a French railway station on the Lisieux line in Trouville – Deauville, located near downtown Deauville,

Port Morny 0.6 km: This is the historic port basin of Deauville. It is named after the founder of the city, the Duke of Morny, and is ideally placed a stone’s throw from the city centre, in front of the city and in front of the train station: it has great assets including that of benefiting from all the attention.

Deauville Racecourse La Touques 0.1 km: Location of the most prestigious events in the horse world in Deauville. Its prestigious races and training centre of 300 horses a year and 600 in the summer attract the elite of riders and visitors from all over the world.

Trouville-sur-Mer 1km: a charming city renowned for its fishing port, large beach, architecture and renowned gastronomy.

Villers-sur-Mer 3 km: This is the first French town approached by the Greenwich Meridian. Elegant seaside village, rich in cultural activities, and unspoiled natural spaces: the cliffs of the Black Cows and their paleontological deposits, the marshes on more than 30 hectares, and a beach sheltered from the prevailing winds.